Professional Development Opportunities

Professional Development Opportunities

At Seneca ECE Lab School we were built on the foundation of re-thinking early childhood education, practices and pedagogy. We hope to co-create communities of practice, to learn and grow, to rethink and change, and to cultivate a new way of living well with children, one another and the worlds we share. We seek to create spaces and opportunities to gather in dialogue and collaborative rethinking with the larger community through workshops, webinars and other opportunities. We propose space to reflect on our own practices, think with HDLH, and to transform Early Childhood pedagogies across the province and beyond.

Currently, there are no upcoming public sessions scheduled. New Offering Dates Coming Soon

Available Upon Request for your Centre or Organization

The Seneca ECE Lab School has been thinking and creating a variety of different webinars based on topics and community needs. We offer these to you as potential offerings for your community or organization. We are also excited to consult and collaborate with your organization to tailor any offerings to your specific needs or interests.


Each session is approximately 1.5 hours long with opportunities for dialogue and reflective thinking throughout. Additional conversation sessions can be added as well to come back together and share after reflecting upon our time together in the original session.

For more information on booking sessions for your centre or organization please email us at

As we face uncertainty in the world of Covid-19, we all have an opportunity to reimagine our learning environments and spaces. Currently, educators at the Lab School are contemplating responses to Covid-19, while reimagining how to continue to uphold their pedagogical values and principles. Join us for a pedagogical dialogue on potentialities as we return to our spaces and seek opportunities to focus on the possibilities that could emerge from these challenging times.

As we face uncertainty in the world of Covid-19, we have an opportunity to reimagine our outdoor learning environments as places of possibilities We will share a brief history of the transformation of their Outdoor Learning Spaces and pedagogical discourses over the last several decades. Join us for a pedagogical dialogue on potentialities as we return to our spaces and seek opportunities to focus on the possibilities that could emerge from these challenging times

Seneca ECE Lab School and Seneca Forest and Nature School educators share the beauty of embracing Forest school ethos and land based pedagogies in Forest and Urban settings. We offer some of our reflections, stories and lived experiences from over the last few years.

Educators from Seneca ECE Lab School will share  stories and reflections on the beauty and potentials  of embracing a pedagogy of risky-play and what it may cultivate. From upholding our image of the child, to the bonds of trust created; possibilities emerge when we hold space for risky-play. Educators will share stories that highlight their collective  journey, and  sometimes challenges that arise from embracing and holding space for these pedagogies.

Seneca ECE Lab School educators have been thinking with the Power that comes along with letting go. Often when we think of letting go, we think only of what we are letting go of. Throughout our journey at the Lab School, we found the Power of choosing to question, reconsider, and to ultimately let go lives in the space it creates for us to hold close to something else. What is it you want to hold close in your practice? We invite you to join us in this dialog as we share some of our stories of letting go, the gifts this process has allowed us to truly hold close. We seek to hold space for us all, as educators, to begin to feel we have the power and agency to question, to rethink and to create change within our practice, the field of ECE and the world we live in together.

Seneca College ECE Lab School educators will share a pedagogical journey; unraveling the metaphorical layers discovered through a multi-year long exploration and inquiry in relationship with paint. A paint atelier was created in response to listening to children’s many languages. A space with no adult imposed rules, no restrictions, no limits. A space to deepen relationships, connections and meaning making. The educators will share their process of reflective pedagogical documentation as a tool for research through artifacts, video, photos and documentation of this project.

This dialogue will bring to life a beautiful, intricate project and how it has unfolded over the years and ultimately created real change in practice, educator beliefs, relationships and family engagement.

Educators from Seneca ECE Lab School will share some of their rethinking of the processes of planning or un-planning a curriculum. Shifting our focus from planning what children will do, to embracing a pedagogy of listening, slowing down, being and responding. Walking with children to co-create responsive spaces. Spaces that reflect, notice and value reciprocal, deeper relationships with children, materials, time, space and the world we  live and share in together.

The ECE Lab School is committed to the work of living well together in community and  is built on trust, respect, vulnerability and  an openness  to one another. The school and community is a living, breathing ecosystem, built with reciprocity, time, commitment, connections and authenticity. This becomes a way of being and living together.  Throughout this webinar educators from the Lab School will share stories of connecting with families; cultivating an awakening of community and embracing a pedagogy of relationships beyond traditional engagements.

In this webinar, you will explore the Forest and Nature School (FNS) pedagogy through a reflective lens by looking closely at the world around us. We will take you on a journey of KOLTS Forest and Nature Play program that ignites curiosity and joy while uncovering possibilities….     

Discover the importance of a child led inquiry, play-based and ecological curriculum, connected to the head, heart, hands approach that inspires the co-construction of knowledge. We will share experiences with children, families and educators. 

Learn why we banned the phrase BE CAREFUL! Participants are invited to reframe risk by deconstructing KOLTS FNS video experiences with children and deeply reflecting on their current role as a teacher as it influences a child’s ability to freely explore without predetermined parameters.  

Join us for another visit to Seneca Forest School where we will explore the way children play throughout the seasons when provided with safe, free time in Nature. As you experience the seasons virtually along with the children, consider the many gifts and invitations offered at various times of the year. 

We will share our experiences with snow and ice, beautiful mud, rain puddles and lakes, ponds, and bogs. This interactive experience will invite you to reflect on opportunities in and with nature, and to embrace the challenges presented by weather.

Re-imagine the possibilities for encounters as the landscape changes and invites renewed exploration, inquiry, and investigation through a lens that views children as capable, competent, and mindful of their own boundaries.

The idea of children taking risks might not be as scary as you think. Accept our invitation to spend time  looking closely at your current understanding of “risky play” and re-imagine the possibilities inherent in a pedagogical shift to “enabling risk.” Part of the work of childhood is to freely explore the world, make calculated choices and mistakes, conquer physical challenges and build creativity by finding innovative and unique solutions to problems. Opportunities to fully experience the work of childhood are obstructed when “perceived risk” is assumed, a safety-first attitude is adopted and rules and boundaries are enforced, hindering a child’s healthy development and overall well-being. Together we will unpack uncertainties around risky play and create intentions to become advocates of enabled risk.

Adventure and Challenge ignites curiosity, wonder and joy. The same adventure and challenge has the potential to generate fear. The perception that fear is a state that educators need to protect children from, invites unpacking as it impedes a child’s opportunity to uncover their individual potential.

We will share our Forest and Nature play journey grounded in all its complexities, negotiations, and enjoyment through images and videos.  We will challenge the dominant discourse, that fear negatively impacts children and that an educator’s role is to shelter them from those fearful experiences.

Identify practices in the Early Years that hinder adventure and challenge. Co create plans to engineer experiences that embrace uncertainty and fear. Seek possibilities to find joy in adventure. Imagine the gifts offered through challenge. 

More coming soon…

We would love to hear from the community on the topics you are interested in learning more about and/or rethinking together. Please reach out and let us know if there are any particular topics of interest to you.