Professional Development Opportunities

Professional Development Opportunities

At Seneca ECE Lab School we were built on the foundation of re-thinking early childhood education, practices and pedagogy. We hope to co-create communities of practice, to learn and grow, to rethink and change, and to cultivate a new way of living well with children, one another and the worlds we share. We seek to create spaces and opportunities to gather in dialogue and collaborative rethinking with the larger community through workshops, webinars and other opportunities. We propose space to reflect on our own practices, think with HDLH, and to transform Early Childhood pedagogies across the province and beyond.

Available Webinars

Seneca ECE Lab School will share a pedagogical journey; unraveling the metaphorical layers discovered through a multi-year long exploration and inquiry in relationship with paint. A paint atelier was created in response to listening to children’s many languages. A room to be fully free, to express, to explore and engage with the medium of paint. A space with no adult imposed rules, no restrictions, no limits. A space to deepen relationships, connections and meaning making. A space removed of barriers, allowing for the unraveling of personal self-discovery and pedagogical and collective growth for all. The educators will share their process of reflective pedagogical documentation as a tool for research through artifacts, video, photos and documentation of this project.

This 2 part series will bring to life a beautiful, intricate project and how it has unfolded over the years and ultimately created real change in practice, teacher beliefs, relationships and family engagement. Attendees will see how a community of learners can come together through the slightest smudge and stroke of paint, for the project truly was not about the paint but for what it ignited in the process of change.

With these two webinars we hope to spark the beginning of a transformation of thinking; in the value of letting go, honouring children’s needs, embracing creativity, individuality, community and cultivating more meaningful relationships and curriculum.

A collaboration between our colleague and mentor Diane Kashin and the Seneca ECE Lab School. Educators will share a brief history of the transformation of our Environment as a Third Teacher over the last several decades. As we face uncertainty in the world of Covid-19, we all have an opportunity to reimagine our learning environments and spaces. Currently, educators at the Lab School are contemplating responses to Covid-19, while reimagining how to continue to uphold their pedagogical values and principles. Join us for a pedagogical dialogue on potentialities as we return to our spaces and seek opportunities to focus on the possibilities that could emerge from these challenging times.

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Seneca ECE Lab School educators have been thinking with the Power that comes along with letting go. Often when we think of letting go, we think only of what we are letting go of. Throughout our journey at the Lab School, we found the Power of choosing to question, reconsider, and to ultimately let go lives in the space it creates for us to hold close to something else. What is it you want to hold close in your practice? We invite you to join us in this dialog as we share some of our stories of letting go, the gifts this process has allowed us to truly hold close. We seek to hold space for us all, as educators, to begin to feel we have the power and agency to question, to rethink and to create change within our practice, the field of ECE and the world we live in together.

Fall 2020 Session Dates Coming Soon

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More coming soon…

We would love to hear from the community on the topics you are interested in learning more about and/or rethinking together. Please reach out and let us know if there are any particular topics of interest to you.