2 thoughts on “Composing and Weaving Together a Collective Tapestry: An Entanglement of Stories, Pedagogy, Questioning and Rethinking…

  1. I am hopeful that the experience of having lived through the trauma of COVID-19 as a society, is that each one of its citizens reflects on this time and asks, “What is my why?” There will be many stories to share with each other once we may all join one another again but this time, listen more and hear the stories of the children, cherish them, become the guardians of their childhood, and advocate for play and discovery. What will our children remember about their childhood? The answer is found in their stories shared with us that bring the tapestry to life.

  2. Thank you Leigh for your comment… we too have been thinking about what stories will emerge from this time… of children’s childhood and the worlds we live in.
    What worlds have they inherited and what other worlds are possible?
    We have been thinking about how Early Childhood Education , our spaces may shape future worlds?

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