Considering Community 2: A Three-Part Co-Composed Student Feature

We invite you to continue to think with us around “community”. So complex and integrated, connected… What kind of community do we hope for? What does it mean to be a part of a community? What does it feel like? How might we live with community as a verb? Becoming….

Students in all six sections of the infant/toddler virtual placement, alongside their field mentors Laura and Nicole from the Seneca ECE Lab School, spent some time thinking deeper about community. This series is a reflection of the thinking from over 120 students from these sections.

In Part 1 (which can be found herewe focused in on “who we consider part of our community” and how it feels to come together. 

We are honoured to continue to share these sparklet poems with you from the Seneca ECE Program Infant/Toddler Virtual Placement students from the Winter 2021 semester.

The beautiful feel of community comes from the shared experience, common philosophies, and the exchange of knowledges.

There’s this light that every person lays out to the table.

When a person does something within any community, it impacts others

 both naturally and intentionally contributed actions.

When understanding is present, belongingness follows 

I feel my presence is acknowledged.

We celebrate along with others the magic of each day in the life we are co creating. In this, a message is given and learned of how valuable each person and moment is.

feel like they have a safe person to talk to without being judged

bring the idea of supportiveness, kindness, and open-mindedness 

able to trust … be accepting 

increase the connection and trust between educators

reciprocated respect towards each other…be there to listen

people who are very empathetic and understanding and who I can rely on 

feel secured and social attached 


support and encouragement

it is so important for the educator to listen and support children, parents, colleagues and the community as a whole

keep easy and open way of communication

It’s emotional interaction through physical communication

need to build relationship with my full heart 

doing meaningful things can bring positive energy to people around and help others 

 pay attention to everyone and their need and support them in different way when they need it

Checking in with one another, to ensure we are all doing well, see if there is a way I can help or contribute in some way

 cultivating the sense of community for others by assisting the families not because I have to and its my job, but because its something that I want to do for them; 

 it enhances overall wellbeing 


it is so important for the educator to listen and support children, parents, colleagues and the community as a whole

to find your shared interest with them and build from there 

taking an interest in each child and family and having active conversations with them

considering and sensitive to each party and building connections in between to develop a harmonious environment for everyone. 

to let them freely be themselves

to use our own words, vision, and mission to have a healthy relationship that leads to mental peace and have a festive ambience.

everyone is open to creating this environment together 

A home like feeling that I received; home away from home


Food for us became a way of expressing love, connect with each other and together create a more complex way of communication 

I felt as people were saying “Yes, you are one of us’’ by their gestures toward me 

sometimes by greeting them personally (one-on-one) it will change the whole individual’s community experience 

each one can share their own experiences 

have the opportunity to express themselves within any form of art and explore the different elements. 


what makes up a community, its core, rarely changes 

we should be active in the community and contribute our own strength

not being afraid to put myself out there and make those connections

transfer the culture of love and support

acknowledge everyone’s opinions

encourage them to reach for the stars

~Sparklets from ECE316 NAA, NBB, NCC, KAA, KBB and EFP202, Winter Semester, 2021

Text that reads: “Strong com­mu­ni­ties are born out of indi­vid­u­als being their best selves.” - Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, on a background of Maple tree branch and blue sky

We continue thinking with what it means to co-compose… 

…to co-compose a community

…co-compose our thinking and rethinking 

We invite you to share your sparklets on community to add to this collective composition by leaving a comment.

Text that reads: "Great things are done by a series of small things brought together" - Vincent Van Gogh, over a background of Maple tree brances and blue sky with some yarn wrapping in the bottom

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